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Head of our property solutions portfolio Claire has built a career within hospitality and commercial property management which has seen her carve a significant niche within the Residential Lettings and Investment arena. As a driving force behind Watson Homes her broad sales and marketing experience adds an essential facet to her undoubted skills as a managing agent.

As the Property solutions manager with nearly 10 years’ experience within the property maintenance and facilities management sector. Claire has worked in the serviced industry for many years before co-founding Watson Homes.

 She is a calming influence in an industry that requires, patience, care and a deeply methodical approach.

 Claire is a people person and also a good judge of character. This makes her the perfect go to for all your tenant management needs. From applications to tenant enquiries and evictions, Claire's calm, matter-of-fact attitude can handle all the work for you!

She also has a wealth of experience with all types of property and knows that your home is important to you. She's a Jill-of-all-trades and can help you manage anything from maintenance and leasing to legal compliance!

Claire is at her happiest with a glass of bubbles in her hand and walking Mr Watson and Miss Wendi!


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Watson is the company and Gregory family mascot.  He is named after the first investment property that the family bought, and his character coincidentally stands for everything the company stands for too.

Watson is a Hungarian Vizsla, who are renowned for their loyalty, energy, determination and strong-mindedness.  Watson has all of these traits, but he is also caring and loving and understands his family and their needs.

Watson, as with every four-legged friend is at his happiest running through the woods, jumping in puddles and swimming in whatever water he comes across.

 Watson Homes has been built from passion, determination and a love for what we do and our company values are that of a Hungarian Vizsla and the qualities they bring. 


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Wendi is the latest addition to Team Watson and the Gregory household and has certainly made her mark!  Wendi isn’t named after anything as fun as Watson…we just loved the name!  However, seeing as her big brother Watson has his own company, we thought it only right that Wendi has her own too!

Coincidentally, her name led to us creating Wendi Haus Ltd, the sister company to Watson Homes.

Wendi, shares all of Watson’s character traits but she is more instinctive than Watson and is very protective of the things she loves, much the same as Wendi Haus is instinctively loyal and protective of her clients properties, treating them as her own!

As with Wendi Haus, our beloved little Vizsla Wendi is intended to complement the existing Watson and give him that companion he so needed!


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Mike is Mr Methodical; the only man ever to follow every step of the Ikea step-by-step guides from start to finish (every time).  Mike is very process driven as he knows that working this way allows for less problems during a task.  In spite of this, Mike is also a very pragmatic and understanding person that ultimately wants to help people.  In his spare time Mike likes nothing better than to spend time with his family, as well as enjoying road cycling and walking with Watson & Wendi.

As part of the Gregory husband and wife duo, Mike’s reason for founding Watson Homes was to bring the family values to the property arena.  As former tenants they know first-hand how difficult it is for young professionals, couples and families to find suitable rental accommodation.

Mike is experienced in developing strategy, processes and also in project management of refurbishments and renovations.

Mike is always open to a coffee and piece of cake, or even a few beers; so please feel free to drop him a message if you’d like to meet for a chat about property, developments and other opportunities; or even just to chat about Watson and Wendi the Hungarian Viszla's!


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